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Jabil: Wired to Work

Jabil: Wired to Work

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An industry leader achieved success shortly after deploying its LSS program


Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Fla., Jabil provides electronics design, manufacturing and aftermarket product management services to some of the world's largest global electronics and technology companies.

The company serves a wide variety of industries, including mobile, healthcare, aerospace and defense, energy, technology, and automotive.

In only their first two years, Jabil launched a Lean Six Sigma program that spanned the company's 60 plants in 29 countries, and they trained hundreds of resources at a project execution level.

The company's goal: To create a workforce of problem solvers.

Part of Jabil's success lies in the focus on Lean, with Six Sigma playing a supporting role.

With widespread communication and support of the Lean Six Sigma program at Jabil, it is no wonder that the effort has gained traction so quickly.

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