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The Lean Six Sigma Toolset Research Report

The Lean Six Sigma Toolset Research Report

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5 whys, process mapping and 7 wastes landed the top three spots on the list


Everyone knows that process improvement is not just about the tools – it's about the people who use the tools. Yet, while the people part of Lean Six Sigma is the most important part, the tools are, in fact, what empower organizations to live by data-based decision making.

The Lean Six Sigma toolbox contains dozens of options – even more than most practitioners may realize. Just like the hammer, the screwdriver and the drill, a few tools rise to the top as the most commonly used.

Then there are some that are most commonly misused. This research report highlights which tools practitioners should be ready to reach for, which ones can stay shelved until the need arises, how people are trained in tool usage, and the differences in tool preference between manufacturing and service industries.

The majority of practitioners always use process mapping, project charter and brainstorming in their projects. Survey takers were asked how ... Research includes 5 findings. All findings include multiple diagrams.

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