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Reduce Six Sigma Cost with Excel Surveys

Reduce Six Sigma Cost with Excel Surveys

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Learn to Use Excel Surveys Effectively to Reduce Your Project Expenses


Many small to mid-sized companies that fear the cost of a Six Sigma implementation can launch programs using simple tools and either increase the project scope and complexity or continue to reap benefits with commonly available toolsets.

Facts and data inherent in Six Sigma surveys can support better decision making. Organizations are now starting to extend the application of this process into daily problem solving.

Many companies have been forced to take a hard look at operations and ways in which to improve business processes. Six Sigma has never been more applicable for companies regardless of industry or business size to identify and enable high performance processes.

Properly used over time, Six Sigma is a source of sustainable competitive advantage. Reducing the expense of a Six Sigma implementation removes one of the main obstacles in the way of widespread adoption and acceptance of SixSigma within organizations.

Reduce Six Sigma Cost with Excel Surveys includes a 212-slide PowerPoint tutorial with Excel templates and completed samples, including Visual Basic code and explanations.

The tutorial provides detailed explanations of how to use surveys in your Six Sigma implementation, and uses Voice Of the Customer (VOC) suveys as practical examples to provide a starting point. This product has extensive instructor notes aimed at providing easy-to-understand and even humorous explanations.

The templates, especially the survey selection graph, show that simple tools can still produce attention-grabbing results. The "why's" of the code and techniques are also covered and will help you understand how to generate surveys for many topics.

The accompanying Excel workbooks are provided to afford a concrete example of what the tutorial is suggesting. They are to be used only as reference and to show that the tutorial's suggestions are practical. You can fashion your own surveys in any format deemed appropriate.

Sample Survey Master provides content from two different surveys:
- Survey 1: Stakeholder CTQ Survey for Improvement of the "Management of Critical Incident Data" Process
- Survey 2: Critical Incident Data Survey

This 3-in-1 product can also be used to motivate and train colleagues in VOC surveys. The samples and training on using Excel will provide benefits well outside the scope of generating VOC surveys.

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