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Pugh Matrix Template

Pugh Matrix Template

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A quick and powerful DFSS tool


Also known as 'Criteria Based Matrix', the Pugh Matrix is a tool used to facilitate a disciplined, team-based process for concept generation and selection . Several concepts are evaluated according to their strengths and weaknesses against a base concept. The base concept is the best current concept at each iteration of the matrix.

Make decisions based on data by ranking potential solutions against the voice of the customer (VOC). This tool is simple and powerful and provides the platform for quality decision-making. Now you can identify the best "Hybrid" design/solution comprised of the finest aspects of every proposed design.


The Pugh Matrix is a basic Design for Six Sigma tool used to select a design in the design phase of DMADV. From using this template, you'll be able to quickly structure and document the selection criteria to find the best solution/design in a DFSS project using weighted criteria and CTQs (criteria by criteria).

Learn more about Pugh Matrix >>>


Template includes an instruction sheet, complete with the developer's contact information. In addition to the working template is a completed sheet to use as a sample illustration. Note that the template is limited to 10 Designs including the Reference Design and 20 CTQs.

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