Photoreceptor Belt Tensioning System Project Example

Photoreceptor Belt Tensioning System Project Example

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Xerox Six Sigma IDOV project shows how mechanical design robustness can be optimized


The Xerox Co. designs, manufactures and markets iGen3, a color printer than can produce photo-quality prints at 110 pages per minute.

When the current iGen3 was to be modified, the engineering team was tasked with redesigning the belt tensioning mechanism on the photoreceptor into a smaller package without adjusting the length of the belt.

The redesign had to take several noise factors into account. The outcome of the project was a design that met the constraints placed on it by the system.

This IDOV project is a practical example of how Design for Lean Six Sigma (DFLSS) can bring about the best option available in a constrained design.

The final conclusion the team made was that the mechanical design could be optimized to improve the robustness of the output – belt tension – as a function of hardware-based variation. Areas design could not be made more robust were also determined.

[caption id="attachment_17084" align="alignnone" width="1250"] Sample image from project example[/caption]

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