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Kano Analysis Excel Toolkit

Kano Analysis Excel Toolkit

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Kano Toolkit with Outlook automation instructions


What do your customers want? How badly do they want it? The Excel Kano Analysis Toolkit provides you with the capability to design and process customer surveys to determine just that:

  • Generate questionnaires that can be automatically returned to you

  • Program Outlook to recognize and process incoming completed survey messages and move attached files to processing folders

  • Load data from the returned surveys into a 'master' workbook

  • Analyze the loaded data in order to determine future development, support and operational activities

Kano Analysis is a customer satisfaction classification method. It categorizes product and service attributes and features as being "delighters/attractive," "one-dimensional," "must-be," "reverse" and "neutral/indifferent" needs and requirements from your customers' viewpoints.

A "must-be" for airline travel is that the airplane land safely at the intended airport. A "one- dimensional" need may be departure time.

It is great if it takes off a bit early without stranding anyone, pleasant when take-off is right on time, okay if it is not more than a couple of minutes late, and then deteriorates from there. And of course Midwest Airlines became famous for delighting its customers with the unexpected chocolate chip cookie.

If the flight landed so late that you missed a connecting flight, the cookie would probably not outweigh your performance- based dissatisfaction.

The Excel Kano Analysis Toolkit consists of an Excel workbook with seven worksheets and code for a macro to be installed within Outlook.  A table of contents (ToC) worksheet provides links from which to navigate to and from other worksheets, along with an overview of processing.

A completed master workbook and questionnaire are included as samples and will help you better understand the toolkit and its uses.

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