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Age Verification Cycle Time Project Example

Age Verification Cycle Time Project Example

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Betfair Six Sigma project reduced the average internal response time to 8 hours and 19 minutes and increased financial benefit to £40,100 annually


For online betting organization Betfair, based in the United Kingdom, scrupulous identification of customers is vital. Within 72 hours of creating a Betfair account, the customer's age must be verified to be 18 years or older.

Betfair's verification process is a necessary part of protecting customers and the business, and for complying with relevant U.K. legislation. For the vast majority of customers, this is a non-intrusive background process.

In some cases, the customers must contact a Betfair help desk agent to manually complete the process. Slow cycle time and resulting customer complaints regarding this process prompted Betfair to do a rapid process improvement project, based on the DMAIC roadmap, on the cycle time of age verification.

The project was a finalist in the Largest-breakthrough Improvement Projects for the 2010 iSixSigma Live! Awards.

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