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34 Lean Six Sigma Research Reports for Strategic Planning

34 Lean Six Sigma Research Reports for Strategic Planning

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Over 10 years of Lean, Six Sigma and leadership research put together in our most popular product ever


As a Lean, Six Sigma and/or OpEx professional, you understand the benefits of benchmarking competitors and related industries.

Maybe you are:

  • Planning your Lean or Six Sigma strategy for 2017.

  • Interested in improving one specific area of your organization (e.g., training or toolset use).

  • Preparing to add DOE or Six Sigma to your Lean program.

Whatever you're looking to do, we have research and data that can help you learn from others and implement faster, better and with less rework.

Say goodbye to "gut feel" and hello to improved operational excellence within your organization.

We'll show you the exact details surrounding the best-in-class organizations implementing Lean and Six Sigma for operational excellence.

  • How much you should be paying your Black Belts, Master Black Belts and Deployment Leaders

  • Why other companies are more desirable to work for than yours, and what to do about it

  • How to get more buy-in from your organization and executive team

  • How leading businesses listen to the customer more effectively

  • What your program should include for certification requirements

  • How much companies in your industry are delivering per project in hard and soft savings

Every award-winning iSixSigma research report includes a narrative/summary, tables, charts and graphs so you can easily understand the information. Yay!

Here are a few of the 34 research reports you'll receive:

  • Our 2014 Annual Global Salary Survey

  • How Companies Small and Large Find Success Using Six Sigma

  • The Critical Inputs for Lean Six Sigma Success

  • Applying Best Practices To Enhance Operational Effectiveness

  • and more...

One included research report covers how to prove your Six Sigma project's worth, in both hard and soft benefits.

Heck, we even included one on how companies are using Six Sigma to improve their supply chain.

But wait there's more (I've always wanted to write that):

  • Why Information Technology Can Benefit Tremendously From Six Sigma

  • How Six Sigma and Organizational Culture Should Mix

  • The Next Big Thing: How Companies Innovate

  • We'll refund every penny if you're not satisfied

This research bundle, if purchased individually, will cost you $848. Don't lose $449 by not buying this bundle today.

Time is running out on this deal.

Let's get cracking. We have work to do in 2017!

Here's a list of all the research you'll have immediate access to:

1. 11th Annual iSixSigma Global Salary Survey
Are you getting your slice of the pie?2. Six Sigma Comes in All Sizes
Companies small and large find success by using Six Sigma3. The Critical Inputs for Lean Six Sigma Success
iSixSigma and Air Academy Associates examine factors that positively influence deployments

4. OpEx Operating Models Research Report
Applying best practices can enhance operational effectiveness

5. Measuring Six Sigma Project Benefits
Prove your Six Sigma project's worth- both hard and soft benefits

6. Spreading the Word Research Report
Creating a communication plan is important for a successful Six Sigma program

7. The Training Experience Research Report
What type of training is needed to obtain the best results from a Six Sigma program

8. Maximizing the ROI of Lean Six Sigma Development Research Report
40 deployment leaders share their secrets of breakthrough and sustainability

9. Best of Benchmarking Research Report
Projects, training and development, tools and methods, financial benefits, and culture change

10. The Lean Six Sigma Toolset Research Report
Which tools should practitioners be ready to reach for?

11. The Effect of the Economy on Six Sigma Research Report
Six Sigma during the economic crisis

12. Lean: Benefits and Challenges Research Report
Exploring lean

13. The Demand for Six Sigma in the Supply Chain Research Report
How are companies improving their supply chain?

14. The Search for 'Best Places' Research Report
iSixSigma's Best Places to Work

15. Project Failure Research Report
Failure, of one kind or another, is inevitable

16. Tying in to Buy-in Research Report
Do companies buy-in to Six Sigma?

17. Hearing Voices: How Businesses Listen to the Customer Research Report
Integrating VOC in a business

18. Six Sigma Certification Research Report
Specific certification requirements can vary widely

19. The Hard Truth About Soft Skills Research Report
Survey reveals which skills are most important for success

20. Size Matters Research Report
How small companies use Six Sigma

21. Six Sigma: A Global Affair Research Report
Aspects of a Six Sigma deployment from a geographical perspective

22. Starting Up Six Sigma Research Report
The Elements of Success: What You Need To Know

23. Six Sigma and Leadership Research Report
How they relate, and what makes successful programs

24. Using Design for Six Sigma Research Report
When, where and why Companies apply DFSS.

25. Project Selection Research Report
How organizations choose the most important projects

26. Black Belt Return on Investment Research Report
How much can Black Belts save your company per project?

27. A Look Ahead for Six Sigma Research Report
What does the future hold for Six Sigma?

28. Online Six Sigma Training Research Report
What is most effective, and what are the advantages?

29. Playing by the Rules Research Report
How compliance can benefit from Six Sigma

30. Information Technology and Six Sigma Research Report
Why Six Sigma is rarely used, and how IT can benefit

31. Knowing the Customer Research Report
How Six Sigma helps companies completely satisfy customers

32. Organizational Culture Change Research Report
How Six Sigma and organizational culture mix

33. Six Sigma Saves a Fortune Research Report
AWARD-WINNING report! The Fortune 500 and Six Sigma

34. The Next Big Thing: How Companies Innovate Research Report
Staying ahead of your competition with innovation

This research bundle, if purchased individually, will cost you $848. Don't lose $449 by not buying this bundle today. Get 34 research reports for less than the price of 10. This is a limited time offer!

If you don't love this iSixSigma research bundle, we will refund every penny immediately.

Since 2007, thousands of companies have used the iSixSigma Marketplace to purchase tools, research and templates to manage their projects and advance their personal growth and corporate change initiatives.

These companies, and thousands more, trust iSixSigma research:

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