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Business Excellence Operating Model - Guide to Implementation

Business Excellence Operating Model - Guide to Implementation

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This proposed Business Excellence Operating Model seeks to define a comprehensive Business System which renders explicit the deployment and management, project execution and systems & support processes that taken as a whole or in part can enable “your company” to execute your company's vision on a long-term sustainable basis.

The intent of this program is to give you the opportunity to deliver a Lean, Six Sigma Framework that strives for immediate improvements in productivity, quality and client satisfaction.

The Business Excellence model contains 15 areas:

  1. Deployment Policy

  2. Management System

  3. Project Identification

  4. Team Selection

  5. Project Definition

  6. Project Implementation

  7. Kaizen

  8. Results Controlling

  9. Tools & Standard Execution

  10. Organization, Roles & Responsibilities

  11. Talent Development

  12. HR Processes

  13. Maturity Assessment

  14. Link to Other Initiatives & Programs

  15. Databases & Systems

This product contains 204 PowerPoint slides. 320 hours of development time went into developing and designing this presentation. This product includes a full DMAIC Project Workbook Template.

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